Our corpsmembers come from all walks of life and have overcome some exceptional challenges. We are proud of the success of our corpsmembers and have highlighted a few stories below.

Listen to corpsmembers talk about their experience at SRCC in this audio testimonial. (Right click the link to download.) 


Natalie’s Story:

One of 12 children, her family constantly moved during her childhood, repeatedly interrupting her education.   But she earned her diploma and came to the SRCC in January, 2012. Natalie worked on the Weekend Event Recycling Team, serving events with thousands of participants.  Natalie became a Crew Leader with the Marketing Crew and then a Routes Crew Leader.  In all these positions, Natalie has worked with the people, Natalie was promoted to the highest Corpsmember position, Special Corpsmember.  In this role, she continued to mentor other Corpsmembers and serve the public.  Natalie became a Crew Leader with the Marketing Crew and then a Routes Crew Leader. In December, 2012, Natalie became one of two former SRCC Corpsmembers now working on staff when she became the Accountant Assistant.

Natalie’s long-term goal is to work in the medical field.  She now cares for her terminally ill mother and grandmother while working with her husband to build a future for herself and her family.


Betty’s Story:

Betty came to this country three years ago from Ethiopia. When she came, she spoke little English. Betty tried to get a diploma through both the local high school and adult school, but neither proved workable. Betty joined the SRCC in April 2011. She was shocked to learn she needed to earn almost 200 credits to earn a diploma. And she had to pass both California High School Exit Exams (CAHSEE) in English and Mathematics. Through old-fashioned hard work, Betty has made enormous progress. She has already completed all of her coursework, passed the Mathematics CAHSEE test and is very close to passing the English test. Beyty has completed the YouthBuild program and has worked in the SRCC Recycling Center and on crews clearing local creeks. She is now working on the Weekend Recycling Crew which provides recycling for local events serving thousands of people. While doing all of this, Betty is taking nine credits worth of classes at American River College. 



Demarcus’ Story:

Demarcus was a high school dropout who was on probation. Making life more difficult for him, Demarcus lived in a troubled neighborhood. He decided to turn his life around and joined the SRCC in September 2011. Demarcus has made good use of his time. He completed the YouthBuild program and is now working in Recycling. He is HBI-PACT certified in Facilities Maintenance. He has earned certificates in First Aid/CPR, Hazardous Waste Removal and in the use of a forklift. Demarcus has also made significant progress in his education as well. He has earned his GED and is working on his high school diploma. Demarcus earned an AmeriCorps scholarship and is already using it to take classes at Sacramento City College. His major is Audio Engineering. Demarcus always has a ready smile for the people around him.  As staff notes, he is very caring for others. 

If someone needs food, Demarcus will share what he has.  If someone needs help at work, Demarcus is always ready to lend a helping hand.